pushed bnix

September 28, 2006

I am really too much busy with my study now. So i pushed my bnix project. I hope i will start this project with in next 3 weeks 馃檪 .


Compressing BNix 0.1.0

August 29, 2006

BNix compresstion mini

First Beta of BNix

August 26, 2006

Today i release the first beta or BNix. It’s now booting sucessfully with totally bengali language support. Though some probelm with bootloader. I will solve the boot loader problem with in this week.

PS. As i have no free server, i can’t give you the file to download. If you have, please help me to share this liveCd with you.

Started building of BNix

August 23, 2006

Tonight i started to build my first linux live CD called BNix. 馃檪 i will inform you the latest news about it. 馃檪