2D transformation of triangle

December 25, 2006

Today i passed 15 hours to complete my Computer Graphics Project, my subject is “2d transformation of triangle”. Thanks goes to tania and razul to help me in this project.

you can check my project: doc code



December 24, 2006

u will be happy to hear that, i successfully made the openSuse DVD from the 5 CDs. So u can collect it from me. if u need, please replay by comments.

openSuse 10.2

December 16, 2006

i downloaded the openSUSE10.2 (5 CDs) , if u need a copy please let me know.

check ur windows pc’s uptime

December 7, 2006

I am totally linux/*nix lover, but for my friend i was searching the function to findout the uptime of a windows pc.

Open Start ->Run->cmd

and type “Systeminfo | Find “Up Time” and enter.

Here is the example

uptime win
Another one is : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/q232243/ (but it need to download another tool, so boring)